Thursday, February 27, 2014

The great hunter

Hey, this is me, Inkspot, otherwise known around here as Puff or Puffy. I am a big guy but I'm a nice guy. Well, the critters I hunt don't think I'm so nice. Here's an older picture of me and the Cindy dog. This is for Charlie down there in Australia. Cindy was an Australian Kelpie. They are a herding breed. She didn't want to work full time with cattle so she got sent to a foster home. Then the folks adopted her. She liked to herd us cats. She has since gone to the Rainbow bridge. Probably staring at the kitty cats there.

Anyhoodle, I actually came over here to hijack the little barking doggie's blog to tell you about some of my hunting skills. I know some of you readers are cats. Cats who live inside. Cats who maybe don't ever get to hunt nothing but maybe bugs.
I'm gonna let you have a little fun by reading about my life here in the wilds of Idaho.
And I'll tell ya right up front, this is gonna be gory. If your peeps are squeamish or sissy, you better not let them see this.
Ok, you been warned.

Way back a few years ago, I had me some fun on the Dogster/Catster place with a Scottie dog name of Ernie George. He fancied himself a great hunter. And maybe he was. But we had us a brag-off going for awhile. That LWD, Zaidie, might remember it.
My skinbro made this picture for me. I told those doggies it was a slow morning. Mol!

Ok, so those aren't my real hunting deal. But I do hunt. I once brought home a seagull. Dang, that thing was hard to get through the fence but I managed.
We (my sisfur Scooter) and me catch little birdies. Robins, Cedar Waxwings, little yellow birds but not starlings or magpies. The peeps don't like us to catch those birds but hey, we're cats. It's what we do.
We catch a pile of mice and voles and stuff. We eat them in our garage. There's always blood stains there like some kind of crime scene. And did you know there's a part of the critter that doesn't taste good? It's a little green bean shaped part. Tastes nasty. Just leave it for 'Dopted Mommy to sweep up.
I know, that sounds sissy calling her 'Dopted Mommy but that's who she is. We were born here on the place but my furmom disappeared when me and my brofur and sisfurs were jus tiny kittens. The peeps fed us milk outta little bitty bottles. We turned out just fine. There's just my sisfur Scooter and me left but we are going on eleven. Not bad for rough tough outside cats.

Back to my hunting skills.
Once the folks pulled into the garage and saw me with a weasel. I was mighty proud of that critter.

And then one time 'Dopted Mommy found something amazing. She's not sure who caught the deal but the whole thing was pretty cool so she got a picture of it. This is not a set up, this is how she found the mousie. Remember the squeamish warning? Get ready.

There it was. I musta not been very hungry. Just had the head. Brain food. Mol!

Well, maybe ya want to go lay down or something now. But I figured you might enjoy about my hunting skills.
'Till next time. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Come on a walk with Me

Come on along on a walk with Me, Tux and Daddy. Let's go on the bestest place 'cause there's no cars or trucks to watch out fur. We'll head down to the river, it's called the Snake.

Once we get out of the yard, let's head north on our driveway. See how flat evfurrything is? That's why I can see fur a long ways and bark at stuff a mile ofur there! We'll take a left at that big post at the end of the driveway. Follow Me.

Then we'll make a few turns. We gotta walk around My place on account o' because there's no gate fur us to go through. Now we're headed 'round south to where my bestest walk is. We'll jus' follow the lil road along now. The road is fur the lil men who irrigate the fields to drive on. In summer time, the road gets busy. But not now.
This is a neighbor's house. They have 2 LWDs! One is named Scooter and the other is named sumfin I can't 'member. See how the field has those bumpy rows fixed? The farmers do this in the fall time when they are gonna plant those famous Idunno taters in the spring. Sumfin 'bout it holds the moisture. But we din't have much snow so's there's not much moisture to hold onto. And barkin at the farmers' great big tractors is The Thing To Do, lemme me tell ya!

We keep walkin along the lil road. It's not purdy this time of year but there's always sumfin to smell! An' go ahead, poop anywheres yu like. Nobuddy will holler at yu.

Now we haveta go through a gate. Daddy will open and close it fur us. Always leave a gate the way yu found it. If it's open, leave it open. If it's closed, leave it closed. This looks like Tux is tangled in the barbed wire. He's not. That's the part of the gate that fits ofur the post to keep it closed.

This looks all brown and borin to yur pawrents I bet. But lemme tell ya, sniff 'round! Wunnerful smells, huh? Bunnies live 'round here. We've seen porcupines an' deers. Smell those coyotes and racoonies and otters? If yur quick, yu can grab a poop snack frum the smorgasboard!

We could keep on goin, close to the river an' see sum gooses, duckes and maybe efun an eagle or other big hawk bird.
But the camera's battery went kaput. No more piccies on this walk. Let's jus' turn 'round an' head back to My place.
We can come on nuther walk sumtime when it starts greenin up. It's real purdy then. Maybe we'll see sum critters too!
Til next time!

Friday, February 21, 2014

It's not 'bout Me!

 Really, it's not 'bout Me this time.
My human sister (Sissor) shared this with us. I wanna share with yu now. Purdy neat idea.

Click on those words right down there
Before an' After pictures of pets

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lil known facts 'bout Me

It's kinda a slow day 'round here. I don't got no piccies of this stuff but I thought I'd share a few innerestin facts 'bout Me.
If yu don't know what to put in yur doggy bloggy thingy, maybe yu could share sum facts 'bout yu too.
Or jus' make sumfin up.

Ok, first off. When I do my cute lil poopies, I jump away frum it. Then I turn an give it a quick sniff. I don't know why I jump away.

Speakin o' poop. When Daddy takes Me and Tux fur walks down past the nosy neighbor's place, I always poop in front of his place. Always. I don't know why I do that either. An' 'member, don't nobuddy pick up their dog's poop 'round here. 'Cept in their own yards. Mommy an' Daddy get upset when they haveta scoop other dogs' poops in My front yard. But they do.

Sumfin else bout me. I wish I could show ya this deal but we'd need a video thingy. An' know howta use it. An' howta post it on here. So I'll 'splain it best I can. I'll be sittin in the hall, waitin fur Mommy to come outta the bathroom. This is the bathroom that's ofur on the other side of the master bedroom. When she starts 'round the corner an' I can see her, I start down the hall. With my cute lil body first. I'll still be watchin Mommy. Then I whip my cute lil head round to catch up with the rest of me. Kinda like what the coyote is doin here. But I am not dum like the coyote, this is just ta show ya what I'm talkin 'bout.

Get the idea? My body is already goin and My head is turned watchin Mommy. It's a cool lil thing I do an it's makes Mommy laugh. Evfurrytime.

And while we're usin the coyote as a 'xample, I do that hang in air deal that he does. Like this

But 'cept I don't look goofy, I look cute and like I'm havin fun. When I'm playin with Tux or Mommy, I'll jump on My Love-Seat-Look-Out. Then when I jump off, that's when I do the hang-in-the-air, defy gravity deal. I also can do it offa bed. But I only do it when I'm playin and havin fun. If there is sumfin serious happenin, I jus' jump off, real fast.
The peepoles are always 'mazed when I do that trick.

Well, that's enuf fur now. I don't wanna ovfur do it with my talents. Maybe anuther day, I'll share more with ya.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Mommy is royal?

I dunno whut to think 'bout this. Mommy wented away this mornin. She jus got back.
She din't bring no shoppin bags in. She din't have nuthin.
Said she went fur a crown fittin.

Huh? I had no idea My Mommy is any kinda royal type. Had me fooled fur sure.

She kinda smelled funny. I sniffed her mouth smell. It smells weird. Not good. Not like she's been eatin MEATZ™ or anythin else good. She said there's a couple o' crowns in there already and she's gonna get 'nother in a couple o' weeks.
 I din't see No crowns in there.

She's not really like a queeny type.
 She's not gettin no crowns.
 She's pullin my leg.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Pawrents: Jus' say No to the yarn

If you've got a pawrent who does the crochet or knittin or sum uther dum craft with the yarns, yu know what I'm talkin 'bout. It's a terrible 'diction. That yarn costs lots uf muny that could go to buyin us furs treats, toys and heck, food.
I am seein sum new thing to do with yarn. This is jus' flat dang-er-rous. Don't let yur yarn 'dicted pawrent see this deal.
Have 'em go get yu a cookie now.

Arm knittin

Now this is jus' a short lil vid. Don't let yur Y.D.P. (Yarn 'Dicted Pawrent) know that there are lots more vids out there showin the how-tos of this dang-er-rous craft.

Do ya see how dang-er-rous this could be?
They are all wrapped up in yarn. They can't feed us. They can't give us treats. They can't pet us. And this could be dee-sass-trus if they try to knit and drive. I don't efun wanna think 'bout how bad this could get.
When will the yarn madness stop?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

My day, so far

It's all gray an' drizzly an' not much action outside fur stuff to bark at.
It's borin.

Mommy fixed sum yummy smellin brekkie. Fur Daddy and her.
Even though I turned on the cuteness, I din't get nun of it.

This is what I got out of the deal. Jus' a taste.

An' I hadta be kinda sneaky 'bout it.

After that, I got up on OP Zoe to do sum security work.

But, like I said, it's a slow day.

I did go outside to, well, yu know. Then I get a cookie.

I lick the crums offa my face, hopin fur 'nuther. Nefur works.

Later, I'm like this. Yu know, bored.

So I think I'll jus take myself a lil nap.
Maybe things will pick up later today.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cool video

This is a toadally cool and fun video that the SPCA of Wake County in North Carolina made to help their animals get 'dopted. I jus' had to share it with ya.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My windy afternoon

I wanted to show ya a lil bit of my windy afternoon in my backyard today. Daddy was home today so Me, Tux, Daddy and Mommy went outside to play for a lil bit.

Yeah, jus' a lil bit windy, I din't use no product to make my face hair like that.
That's one of My big Jolly balls. I grab one side of the rope, Mommy or Daddy grabs the other side and we tug. Then If they get it away from me, they toss it and I go get it. I kinda drag it along aside me to bring it back fur 'nother go round.

Here's Tux. He does this thing. He stares at the ball. Sumone will give it a good throw and off he goes. Ofur and ofur. He luvs that game of fetch.

Then we got to go ofur in the chicken yard! But 'cept there's no chickens now. If there was chickens, we couldn't go in there. We don't get to go in there very much, but there is good smells and it's fun to sniff all ofur.

 This time Daddy went in the shed/chicken house. He was doin sumfin in there. I watched him. Tux took his ball with him. I don't know why.

PuffyCat went out there with us. Vrrrooom, vrrrooom, he's goin fur a ride! Not really, he uses the grass catcher bag like a hammock.

Ok Tux, Daddy is done. Nuthin to see here. Time to go. Don't furget yur ball.
We are real good an' go out when the peepoles tell us it's time to go. Even the PuffyCat.

That's a lil bit of my afternoon on this coldish, windy day at My place in Idunno.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sumfin new, not good

Mommy's at it 'gain. She's gonna take ofur my doggy bloggy thingy with a new dum craft she tried. She wants ta show yur moms.
Ok, so she's gone toadal nutzo ofur this wool feltin stuff. There's anuther kind of feltin called Needle Feltin. She found a video of sumone makin a needle felted Mini Schnauzer. Ya shoulda heard her Squeeein ofur that! Disgustin.

So here goes with a short piccie show an tell of how it went when she tried out Needle feltin.

This stuff is called wool roving. It is wool (frum sheeps) that's been cleaned and combed and sum of it's been dyed. At this point, if ya knew what ya was doin, ya could make yur own yarn. But that's not the deal right now.
The pack of special felting needles are in the middle of the pic. That is jus 'bout all ya need.
 Fizzy, this here craft involves Very sharp needles. Jus' sayin. Ya know?

This is gonna be the Schnauzie's head. There's the Very sharp needle she's been using. She rolled up sum of that rovin ya see back there an stabbed and stabbed it until it got smaller and firm. Stab, stab, stab. Watch those fingers!

This shows the Schnauzie head, snout and lil black nose. I came ofur and sat unner the kitchen table. I thought maybe I'd get sumfin to eat if she dropped sumfin or maybe she was makin me a toy.
I nefur got nuthin. The whole deal was axfurly purdy borin. Took her a Long time to do all that stabbin.

This is gonna be the body. There's the head with it's beard. Needs to have sum plastic eyes glued on.

Hold yur moms back now. I'm gonna show ya the finished deal.

Now 'member, this is Mommy's first time efur tryin this needle feltin deal. The lil pup's proportions are kinda off. And he's kinda messy. Like my hairs get mos' of the time.
She tried to get sum fancy long eyelashes, like I have. And check out the lil nub of a tail!

Here's anuther shot. He's a lil guy, fits in the palm of Mommy's hand.

I think I oughta get to play with him. Mommy says No Way.

Friday, February 7, 2014

I was a cute puppy too!

So's sum of the uther bloggers is showin how cute they was when they was jus' lil sprouts.
Well, I was cute too when I was lil.
Huh? I heard sumbuddy say "what happened?"
I'll ignore that.
Lemme show ya how cute I was.

I was much darker than now. An' my ears din't stick up alla time.

I've been Daddy's grrl fur as long as I can 'member

He's always been there when I needed a lil help.
I gotta tell ya, Daddy's not chubby like that. His pockets are probly full o' leashes an' stuff

I've always luved me a good stuffy toy

How dinky I was! I'm 'bout the same size as the PuffyCat now
I was cute but I was kinda ornery. I chewed up sum places in the carpet. Chewed the bottom of the couch. And I luved to grab onto peepoles slippers and the bottom uf their jammie pantses. I had me sum sharp lil toofers back then.
Anywho, I hope yu liked my lil stroll down the puppy membry lane.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

No for the nose

Still stinkin cold at My place. The 'fficial weather deal tells me it's 6 degrees F or -13C with a wind chill uf -9F. That is right outta the cold north. Maybe alla way frum Canananada.
It's cold.
So's I don't wanna spend much time outside. I got me a lil coat to wear.

That's a older piccie. I don't have that much hairs on right now. Lil toothpick leggies is what I got right now.

Don't have no cutesie lil bootsies. No thanks.
So's I'm doin mosta My barkin frum inside.
But since Mommy is gettin her facial features 'bout froze off while she's out there, she's sure I must be too.

Watch out. I got sum crochet junk fur show an' tell.
Mommy's on this site for peepoles who Luv the yarns. It's called Ravelry. She goes there fur ideas fur projects an' patterns an' stuff.
Peepoles with the addiction madness will crochet Anything fur Anything. Here's a few 'xamples.

 Need a can cozy?

Can cozy kinda makes sense

Or maybe a killer bunny egg cozy?
Killer bunny for yur egg? Kinda weird but cute.

Ya might be wantin a toilet paper cozy.
Hmm, Mommy axfurly remembers these

How 'bout a cozy for yur apple, ya know, to keep it frum gettin bruised in yur lunch sack?
Apple cozy? Keep yur apple warm?

Did I tell ya? Peepoles will crochet Anything for Anything. Crazy, huh?

But alla this gave Mommy a idea fur lil me. To help me stay warm outside in the minus zillion degree windchill. Ok, I know, it's not as cold as the Minnie SnowDa place. Or probly  Mitch Again is colder. But it Is cold here.

But I'm not gonna put up with this:
A knitted nose cozy!

A nose cozy! Toadal goofiness! The one good thing 'bout this, it's knitted. There weren't no patterns fur a crochet nose cozy.
Go crochet yurself sumfin Mommy.

Thankfully, these are all just pictures uf axual projects frum the Ravelry site. Mommy Did Not make these.
But sumbuddy did. :-/

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Ok, so's this is only really Toosday. But at my place it seems like Windsday. And it's Cold out there.
Right now, the 'ficial weather site tells me it's 8F degrees (-13C) and the wind is really jus' a breeze at 15 mph. Put together that makes for a wind chill of -7F degrees.

Nuf with the 'ficial stuff. I hadta wear my coat outside jus to run out there to tinkle. We had a bit o' snow yesserday so's my cute lil poops have got covered up with lil drifts o' snow. Mommy has a hard time findin them but Tux still luvs to eat the cute lil poop-cicles.
I sure wish I could get down to the basement. Sumtimes Notme is able to get down there to "go". I could go check to see if he's been there. But we gots the baby gate at the top o' the stairs. Even Notme has a tough time gettin down there.
So I'll jus haveta rush outside to do my business. I can always thaw out in front of the woodstove. I plan on toastin my tummy and toes today.
An' barkin. Thaw out and commence barkin. That's the plan for today.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Do this, not that

I gots sum helpful hints to share with ya today. Sum fur yur moms, sum fur the furs 'round my place, sum fur you pals, even sum for me myself.

First off, for yur moms. If they do that crochet junk or maybe want to give it a try? Nefur do sumfin called Granny Squares. Yule be sorry. Mommy started a bunch of Granny Squares long time ago. Plans changed when she got tired of makin 'em. They sat 'round for nuther long time. She's decided to make a couple of biggish pillows. She has to stitch them all togetfur now. Takes nuther long time. So, here's a piccie to show ya the do's and don't.

She sez to tell yur moms to do the lil dish cloth thing at the bottom right of the pic, it works up real fast,  don't do the millions of Granny Squares. They'll regret it.

For the furs 'round here. Evfurrything is mine. Get it? Got it? Good.
Tux is always thinkin he can chew on one of My 4 deer antlers. Silly Tux. I let him chew for awhile, since I'm nice. But a couple minutes is plenty. I go take it back. I gotta chew on that antler. It's mine.
Don't take my stuff Tux. Do leave my stuff alone.

And the GeorgieCat? Do sleep on the ol' wool sweater Daddy don't want no more. Don't get on the top bunk, Georgie.

The top bunk is mine.

Now for my pals with these here doggy bloggy thingys. Sum of ya have already done this and Thank you for that. But sum of ya, when me or 'nother one of yur pals wants to leave a comment at the end of yur entry? We gotta Try to figgur out sum weird letters afore our comment will stick. Ya know, to prove we aren't sum kinda robot dog tryin to spread spam junk. Be a good dog and turn off those weird letters. If ya start gettin spam, ya can delete it always turn the weird letters back on.

Here's how to turn off that deal.
On your blogger dashboard at click the lil bitty down pointin arrow, 2 moves to the right of yur lil orange pen (to start a new entry). Click Settings then on the left side of the page click Posts and Comments. Find the Show Word Verification and tell it No.
Be sure to click Save Settings on the upper right. That should take care of it. Thank you!

And finally, a do and don't fur me! Can you believe that? Yeah, I gotta keep remindin myself. When I leave a comment on yur entry:
Do click to be notified of anymore comments.
Don't keep furgettin, like I usually do. Click to be notified, Zoe!

So there's sum do's and don't to start yur week.