Friday, January 31, 2014

She's takin ofur!

Yikes pals! Ya know ofur on the Dogster thing it's all 'bout us. But ofur here on this blog thingy, did ya know? There's peepoles that type away on their own blogs? I know, weird. What in the world would peepoles have to type 'bout?

Oh and jus' a side note. Ofur on the Dogster/Catster ya can't bark (or meow) no bad words. Yeah, we been sinsored ofur there. But here! Don't nobuddy do that. Now, I'm not the kind of pup who uses those bad words. I keep things clean for the kiddies, ya know.
 But look! I can bark #%&*#$  and  (*^&%  and efun  @!$#%^&!  Bol!

Anywho, back to what I was gonna bark to ya 'bout. Mommy is takin ofur my doggy bloggy thingy! She thinks sum of yur moms wanna axfurly See sum of her crochet junk. Yeah, she lives in a dream world where peepoles axfurly Like her and think she is innerestin.
So she was workin on a bag thing to felt. She got it felted. You shoulda heard her ofur at the washer machine. She would let the thing slosh 'round in the hot water. She would pull it out and look at it. She would put it back in the hot water to slosh 'round sum more. She was sqeein and ohhin and awwin. It was sickenin.
And now she wants to show a picture of it. It's not efun sewed up yet. An' she needs to find "jus' the right leaf button" to sew on it. But here it is. Her latest (second) feltin project.

She luvs the colors. She luvs the size it shrinky dinky down to. She luvs the wool yarn she used to crochet the thing.
The madness nefur ends!

Now with this feltin stuff, she hasta use animal fiber like wool, alpaca, cashmere, etc. (I am learnin Way Too Much 'bout this stuff). She crochets sumfin. Then she puts the thing in hot water and lets it splish and splash 'round for awhile. When it comes out, it is all shrinky dinked. Toadally amazin, huh?
Yeah, I'm like *yawn*.

But this is what I've been wunnerin 'bout.
So if a sheep, that's where they get the wool from, lives where it's hot and it is out in the hot rain and then starts runnin 'round and bumpin into othur sheeps, does it felt itself?

I dunno and I jus' hope I never do.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

She nefur believes me

I'm head of security 'round My place. So that means I gotta bark. At evfurrything.
Sumtimes Mommy tells me there is nuthin out there to bark at.
But there always is.

It was kinda quiet round here this mornin. Dull and borin, if ya wanna know the truth of the deal.
I was up on OP Zoe. Mommy was watchin sum dum silent movie. That's right, no gun shots, no space ship noises, no kids hollerin. A silent movie. Only sum music. She wasn't even crochetin. She had to pay 'ttention or she'd miss sumfin.
Then I set up the bark 'larm. Yep, sumfin to bark at.
Tux got 'xcited too.
Mommy told me to be quiet.
Told me there's nuthin to bark at and to shush.
But I dint stop. She got up to let Me and Tux out. We went out a-barkin. Ofur to the side fence. BARK! BARK! BARK!
Then we ran to the back fence.

You'd think Mommy would catch on one o' these days.
There were four of our deer neighbors hot footin it down to the river bottom.
 She jus' nefur believes me.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blast O' Barkin!

Kinda quiet 'round my place yesserday. There I was snoozin up on OP Zoe. Both eyes was closed but one ear was open.
Heard a big truck noise.
Opened my eyes. Sure enuf. FedEx truck in My driveway!

Tux jumped up on OP Zoe and commenced barkin too. No Tux, I need ya to cover the outside! Start that high pitched squealy bark that ya do and run over to the back door.
By this time, Mommy had jumped into action too. She let Tux out the back and was headin to the front door. Tux was layin down cover barkin from the side of the yard.
Hurry Mommy! The dood is already outta his truck!
She opened the front door while I covered from the big front window.
I saw him hand Mommy a big flat envelope. I knew there weren't nuthin in there for me.
But I kept up the barkin while Mommy came back inside and the guy drove away.

Things clammed down again after that.
 It's not all 'citement alla time 'round here but it's sure good to keep in practice.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Yarn craziness!

 Ok, so's I tol' ya a bit 'bout how it's all 'bout the yarn stuff 'round here. Mommy is always crochetin sumfin. I can't get away from it. That giant hat I showed ya a picture of? Down there in my Weirdness and Wrongness entry? Yeah, well, it's not that big anymore. I'm gonna show ya how it had the shrinky dinky stuff happen in the hot waters. But I wanna show ya more of the crochet junk. Hats, scarf thingys, afghans. I'm surrounded and can't get away!

Help! Get me outta all this stinkin crochet!

And since Sissor don't live here anymore, she moved to Miss Oula's place for her job, now they yak on the phone 'bout the yarn. I hear stuff like this:

So, what are ya knittin now? How's the sweater comin? Oh, ya frogged it. I tried a new stitch today. Don't try that in your kitchen sink. Front loadin washer doesn't work as well. 100% wool. Feltin is fun. Kool Aid dye. Need more crocheted cactus for your new desk? Baby alpaca. Needle felted Schnauzer.

Pups, it goes on and on. Blah, blah, blah. 

There are lots of peepoles out there that gots the yarn addiction sickness too. But sum of them are doin sum good. Check out this article.

Yarn bombed statues in Ottawa

Ya see, yarn bombin is yarn graffiti. Google it for more 'xamples. At least sumbody up there in the cold Cananada place is trying help others.
And in that case, I guess yarn ain't all bad.
But in Mommy's case it's like crack.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Who lives here

It's kinda a lazy mornin 'round my place so I told Mommy to snap a few new piccies of all of us furs. I wanna show you who I have to share my snooze spots with. Well, mostly, I like to sniff the kitty cat tushies and get all up in their grill when they do sumfin naughty.
So here we were in Brother's bedroom. Oh, lemme tell ya first, I gots me a human sister and a human brother. But they got growed up and moved away on account o' because they got real deal jobs. No basement dwellers for us. An' so, Daddy has taken ofur Sissor's room with his big roll top desk. And Mommy took ofur Brother's room. She keeps all her yarn and crochet junk in here.
There's Brother's bed still here. That's where I snooze when Mommy is messin 'round doin 'portant stuff for Me on her laptop.
And so that brings us to these next few piccies. She got out her camera and first took this:

You might think that GeorgieCat sleeps alla time. You'd be purdy much right. 'Cept at night when she wakes Mommy up and Mommy stumbles to the back door to let her go out. This is the same one from the top bunk the other day. Even Mommy cringes when Georgie comes 'round with her super sharp dagger claws. She's a nice cat but when she is happy and kneadin, she don't retract those claws. OW!
Oh, and she don't really like the other cats. Go figgur.

Then, since Mommy had out her camera, I wanted a up-to-date shot to show ya. Here's me, this mornin. Yeah, I usually have bad face hair. Adds to the cuteness factor, huh?

And Mr. CameraHog Tux wanted a picture taken. So Mommy turned and got his close-up.

Then the SamCat was just right there. He and Tux are real buddies, they hang 'round together. Sam is kinda silly and I guess he was camera shy. He jus' wouldn't look at the camera.

The EllieCat loves to be right in front of the nice, warm wood stove. She was kinda lazy too.

Then we had to go outside to get the two outside cats. They live in the garage, get tucked in at night. They've got food, water, litter box and tons of snuggly covers. But ScooterCat was jus' right out the back door. She's the most fotojinic of the bunch! Gosh, she kinda overdid it with the eyeliner this mornin.

Last, but not least, there is the InkspotCat but we call him Puffy. Yeah, real creative, huh? But 'cept he was nowhere to be found. Probly out huntin. So we found an older picture to show you.

And that, besides Mommy and Daddy are who live at My place.
I hope you liked meetin my furry fam.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Well, that was toadally Rood

So, I got up this mornin. We get up at real early o'clock 'cause Daddy has to be to work early too.

I get up and have my breakfast. Then I go out to "privacy please" and hurry back in. Take a snooze and digest in front of the wood stove or on Brother's bed while Mommy dinks 'round on her laptop.
This mornin, I was on the bed. No GeorgieCat so I got the top bunk.
I heard Mommy openin up the blinds at the big window in the livin room.
Time to go to work. I am head of ranch security. I even got me a award to prove it. Thank you Whitley!
Hmm, I'd show it to ya but I don't know how to post sumfin from Photobucket on this doggy bloggy thingy.

Anywho, this is where I do my indoor security work. I got me my very own Love-Seat-Look-Out at the big window in the livin room. This look-out spot is usually known as OP Zoe. That stands for Operational Post Zoe. I know those soldier type acne-ro-nims cause my Daddy is in the National Guard thing.
Here I am at work, sumtime else cause our grass ain't green right now. It's all dry and brown. And plus I don't hardly never get to go out to the front yard like is showin in the pictures. I stay safe in my fenced backyard. I can do a heap o' security work from out there too.
But on with this mornin and gettin the rood treatment.
When I heard the blinds gettin opened I went to work. Hopped up on the back of OP Zoe and started barkin.
Hey, it's what I do.
Mommy e-meed-e-at-lee started hollerin at me. Told me it was still dark. Told me I couldn't possibly be seein anything to bark at.
Then she really went rood.
She closed the blinds.

I tell you what. I Can see stuff. It weren't that dark. It's real flat 'round my place and I can lit-r-al-ee see for miles. I can see cars and trucks an stuff way ofur there in 3 directions from my look-out spot.
See what I mean? Toadally rood.
Humph. She won't keep the blinds closed for all day.
I'll just get started a lil later.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weirdness and Wrongness

It's tough be a cute, sweet lil Schnauzie grrl 'round this place, My place.
The is much weirdness and wrongness.
Lemme 'splain.

Over on that Dogster place, we could post pictures, mostly of our own cute selves, but we could put in other furmily pets and even our pawrents. If you have known me for very long, just think back.

"Hey, I have never seen a picture of Zoe's Mommy," you say to yourself. And you'd be right.
Mommy is usually the one takin all the bad photos. Messin up my cuteness.
You also might know she has an addiction. Well, maybe more than one but this one I'm barkin 'bout right now is part of the weirdness.
Yep, she is addicted to yarn. She crochets junk with the yarn. She says it relaxes her. And if it's not bad enough havin Mommy be addicted, my human sister, Sissor, is addicted too. She knits stuff that she hardly never wears. At least Sissor moved away for her job at Miss Oula.
Ok, so this is all leadin up to my reveal. A first.
You wanna see a picture of Mommy? This is a real deal, not photoshopped or nuthin 'cause I don't know how to do that kinda stuff.

See? I told ya so. Weirdness. She has been doin this crochet stuff for years. Still can't get it right.
And after Daddy took this picture? She took that Giant hat and tossed it in the washer machine. Now the hat isn't So big. She actually Wanted it to shrink. Wonder why. Then she was just chatterin away about how cool wool was. On and on, blah, blah, blah.

And back to the wrongness part of this entry.
We got cats 'round here. There's two that stay outside alla time, sleep in the garage.
Then we got two that stay in alla time. And one that comes an' goes. This is the one that is startin to be a problem.
She's takin over My sleep places. Here she is on the "top bunk", where I usually snooze. This time I had to be on the bottom.

It's not a good idea to argue with that GeorgieCat. She has super sharp daggers in her paws. And she is our very own grumpy cat. She don't like the other cats and she only kinda tolerates us pups.

So I'll get the top bunk sum other time.

I'm probly dreamin of a perfect world where the is no such thing as yarn and the GeorgieCat is declawed!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

It never ends

Yikes Pals,
So yesserday I went to the groomer/torturer place. I was there for hours and hours and hours. I was first in, last out. Well, maybe sumfin almost like that.
I was there for a long time.
Daddy came an' sprung me outta there.
I sure needed to "privacy please" when I got in My yard.

And now my cute, fuzziness is gone. Ok, so I am Still cute, just not fuzzy.
I got cold outside first thing this mornin. I was shiverin when Mommy finally let me back in.

And Mommy is Never satisfied with the job the g/t person does.
Today I got tossed onto the washer/dryer place. Got my beard trimmed off. Mommy likes it shorter, the g/t leaves it longer. Then she cutted off my toenails. Didn't think the g/t had done them at all. Mommy made one of my cute lil nails bleed. Daddy took me outside to "run that off".
I survived bein home tortured.

It's tough bein a cute lil Schnauzie grrl.
                                                  Here I am prakticaly nekkid, the middle of January.

It has quickly become clear that I need a new photographer. I am Much cuter than what she captured.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ready, Set, Bark!

Ok, so here I am. A Dogster  orphan, a refugee.
I'm gonna need plenty of help with this thing, gettin set up just right.
I must be tired. I was at the groomer/torturer for hours and hours today. Daddy came an' sprung me.
Now after doin "privacy please" and havin a couple of cookies I am ready to crash.

I'll sniff 'round and bark more later. Let's see if we can add my cute lil face.

Ok, so Mommy did that without any help at all! She didn't even get tears in her eyes!

I'll be back pals.

This lil adventure is gonna be great!