Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It ain't no ♫ Heat Wave ♫

♫ We're (Not) having a heat wave,
 (Not) A tropical heat wave,
 The temperature's (Not) rising,
 It isn't surprising,
She certainly can can-can. ♫

So with our tempies sittin at a brrr-inducin 1 degree F (-17 C) an our wind is a blowin to make fur a -15 degree F (-26 C) wind chill, I ain't doin a can-can but I am hurryin out to find a place to doo-doo!

I gotta go but I'm makin it a quick stop!
To show how much the wind is blowin, this is a path Daddy made out to the chicken house, this mornin at dark o'clock. It got covered over real fast.

I'm stayin in where it's warm!

Monday, December 29, 2014

♫ OH! ♫

♫ Oh, the weather outside is frightful ♫

Can't hardly see nuthin out there, snowin an blowin so much

♪ But the fire is so delightful ♫

Ellie! Yur in the prime spot! Move!

♪ Since we've no place to go
Too much cold an snow to "go" outside. Let us in.

❅  ❆ ❄

♫  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! ♪

❅  ❆ ❄

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas to All!

Have a super duper Christmas, all of yu.
Jus leavin yu with a lil furry fun in song form.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

An now fur sumfin real different

Ok, so yu furs know I live in the country. I see sum different kinda stuff that sum o' yu furs mite not see at yur place. But this even took me by surprise. An sorry, I don't have a piccie o' the real thing.
Me an Tux wuz outside. Daddy wuz wurkin out there. Mommy wuz inside. With the camera. She heard us barkin up a storm but figgured it wuz a truck or sumfin else we mite normally see. So she dint rush to get her camera.
She shoulda. It's all her falt.
 She missed the horsies pullin a wagon go rite by my place. Sumfin kinda like this one:

There it went! Rite on the road in front my place. Sum grown-up peepoles were ridin on the seat part up front an a kid wuz ridin in the back.
Cool, huh? I jus nefur know whut I mite see to bark at round here.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A lil game fur yur DPSP*

I have 2 DPSP* (*Designated Pooper Scooper Peepoles) round my place. Mommy duz the wurk most times but 'cept when Daddy is off frum his wurk. An they try to keep track o' where Me an Tux poop. Mostly where I poop on account o' because I am sweet. I must be, Tux likes to eat my fresh-frum-the-pup-poop. So to get a heads up on his snackin, they try to keep track o' where I've pooped 'til sumone can get out there to scoop it. Nitetime is 'specially tricky.

All o' this fur background on a lil game Mommy luvs to play out in My yard. Yu've heard of the game kids play called Duck, Duck, Goose? Sum kid wawks round the uther kids, tappin 'em on their heads, sayin "duck, duck, duck, duck" then when the wawkin kid taps a head an says "goose" the tapped on kid runs to catch the tappin kid. Sumfin like that. Yu get the idea. If not, ask Mr. Google.

Anywho, Mommy has her own vershun o' the game. It's called "Leaf, leaf, leaf, poop".
Yu see, this time o' yeer we gots sum leftofur leafes. They are all brown an kinda mushy an sumtimes kinda shiny lookin. As Mommy wawks round the yard lookin fur the pup poops she sees a leaf an can't tell if it's a leaf or poop til she gets rite up close. Wannerin round the yard is great exercise!

I bet yur DPSP mite like to play. Or maybe they already do or have their own vershun o' the game.
So anywho, here yu go! Play along!


Poop! An the top o' PuffyCat's head. Rush ofur to scoop the poop!

Fun game, huh? Yeah, so Mommy don't get out much an she is easily entertained. Bol!
An we tawked ofur showin a piece o' poop in my doggy bloggy. But we figgured yu would all be ok with it. :-)

Be good furs! Santa Paws knows if yur notty or nice. An now he's got that weird Elf on the Shelf dood wurkin fur him too. How creepy is that?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fuzzy Foggy

I can't see nuthin out there frum OPZoe! It is all foggy an junk.

 This is whut it looks like frum my yard. Usually yu can see the trees ofur there. Not today.

 This is the view frum my bestest barkin corner o' my yard. Where is evfurrything?

Anuther piccie where yu can't see the big trees along the river bottom.
 This lilac is smellin Real good an innerestin this mornin. Sorry, I can't tell yu whut I smell, it's a secret.
 An here's sum o' the fuzzy part o' this mornin. A lil tree is all covered with white frostiness. In fact, all the trees an fences an stuff are covered with the white fuzzy frost.

Don't wurry, even tho I can't see much o' nuthin, I can still hear stuff. I have plenty o' stuff to bark up!
I hope yu do too!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Not Quite Silent Sunday

Me. On OP Zoe. That stands fur Observation Post, Mine. It's where I do my bestest barkin. I spend a bunch o' time up here. If I'm not observin, I'm snoozin with one eye open. Or I like to lick OP Zoe.

It mite be hard to tell, but I've been lickin the fabric down to the nubbin.


Oh, an Tux had to have his piccie taken too. See his tail? He wuz waggin.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgivin to yu!

This bloggy thingy place is way cool! We are so glad we met all o' yu. We came ofur here frum the Dogster/Catster place when we thot it wuz closin down. It wuz a special place fur pets to have fun. When we got ofur here, we found out there wuz plenty uthers who like to have fun. We are so happy to have made new pals here an we've kept up with many of our D/C pals too.

So I hope yu here in the US of A snagged sum of the yumminess today. I know sum of yur peepoles gotta wurk so yur havin yur feast time on anuther day.

That's whut we're doin. My human Sissor (who lives an wurks in Miss Oula, Montanaland) had to wurk yesserday an she din't want to have to drive in the way darkness. So she got here today!
I wuz jus finishin off a tiny bit o' cookie when Mommy said "Sissor's home" an I took off out the door. Shur nuf, there she wuz! She's been gone a day or sumfin. I got no sens o' time.
An guess whut she brot? Yep, same o, same o like the good ol uni-vers-city days.

Sum o' this:
And more o' this:
An then this:
Oh My!

Ok, so I'm jus kiddin bout that last pile, but she did bring sum "xtras".

So we're gonna have our turdkey burd feastin tomorrow. An maybe we can talk with my human brother. He can't be home on account o' becuz he's wurkin sumplace else in the wurld.

It's gonna be good. I plan on hangin out in the kitchen. Maybe Mommy will drop tons o' goodies!

Happy Thanksgivin Pals!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Too durn cold!

Looky. Such a purdy sunrise huh? Looks cold, huh?

So while Mommy wuz takin this cold lookin piccie, I wuz gettin froze to the white ground. Put down the stoopid camera an come an get me loose already. Yu see, I wuz tinklin an it's so durn cold, it froze while I wuz goin. Stuck me to the ground, sure thing.

Ok, it coulda happened. It is cold. Like 0 degrees an it wuz mynass sum degree earlier.

Not much goin on here. I bark the deers an there's a coyote Me an Tux bark every mornin. Uther than that, it's jus good to stay in an stay warm.

Hey, this is my hunnerth an oneth post in this here doggy bloggy thingy! 

Stay warm or b cool. Dependin on which him-ee-spear yu live.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wurdless Wennesday - S'cold!

It's like my nass hunnerd degrees outside here this mornin.
This is where yu can find me.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sum silliness fur Macey

Ofur there at Stella Rose Long's spot they've got a lil 2 legged gurl who is very brave an is havin to be poked an prodded by all kinda doctors an stuff.
Us furs know that ain't no fun.

I jus thot I'd send sum silliness to Macey today.
Yeah, I'm real good with the copy an paste stuff.

Q. What happened when the dog went to the flea circus?
A. He stole the show!

Q. Why was the dog sweating so much?
A. He was a hotdog!

Q. What kind of dog likes baths?
A. A Shampoodle

Q. What dog keeps the best time?
A. A watch dog!

Q. What did one flea say to the other?
A. Should we walk or take a dog?

Q. What do you get if you cross a cocker spaniel, a poodle and a rooster?
A. Cockerpoodledoo!

Q. Why do dogs run in circles?
A. Because it's hard to run in squares!

Q. What do you get if you cross a Beatle and an Australian dog?
A. Dingo Starr!

Q. What do you call a great dog detective?
A. Sherlock Bones!

Q. Why don't dogs make good dancers?
A. Because they have two left feet!

Sendin luv an stuff to Macey an her fam.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Before an Affer

Me. Before. Cute. Fuzzy.

Me affer the groomer/torture/hair shrinky place.
Still cute. No more fuzzy.

I deserve a big cookie. An take off this stinkin dambana.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's my Birthday!!!

Today I am nine! I don't feel any older. In fact, I feel like a pup!

So hold off on sendin dentures, hearin aids or even a motorized scooter.
I'm not ready fur that stuff yet.

I wunnered whut wuz up when Mommy putted a cookie on top o' my brekkie kibble.
I sure hope she keeps bein nice to me today.

Grab yurself a piece o' cake.

An sum ice cream.
  Pawty time!

Monday, October 20, 2014

They grow up so fast

'Member back in July when I showed yu this?

Those lil chickies wuz 'bout 2-3 weeks old then.
Now they have growed up. They look like this.

An' like this.

An' today, Daddy heard 'em fussin out there in their house. He found this.

Ok, he found the smaller brownish egg. The white ones are store bot. The henny penny's furst eggs are smaller then they will lay bigger ones.
Mommy thinks this is the gurl who laid the lil egg.

The sun is real brite on her, but her comb (top o' her head) an her wattles (unner her beak) are more red than the uther gurls. That's how yu can tell if they are layin, unless yu catch 'em on the nest box.

So I am seein sum fresh eggs in my future. When they all start layin, it'll be a egg-rich 'vironment round my place. Plenty o' eggs fur all o' us!

Ok, an jus sum bits o' trivia fur yu if yu wanna know more 'bout chickies.

Don't need no noisy rooster to get eggs. The eggs jus won't be fertilized.

Chickens need 'bout 14 hours of lite per day to kick in the egg-makin parts. Sunshine or arty fishul lite wurks.

Gurl chickies unner 1 year of age are called pullets.

An a chickie will lay the most eggs the furst year or 2 of her life. She'll keep layin eggs affer that, jus not so many.

Fas in atin huh?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bugged, or is it debugged?

Hi. My name is Zoe. I like to eat bugs.
So there. I tol' yu. Sumtimes I can't help it. I eat too many bugs. They're out in my yard jus waitin to be cleaned up. Bug binge.
Then the nex' mornin, I don't wanna eat my brekkie. Maybe the bugs are havin a pawty in my tummy.
I don't know.

That's whut happened this mornin. Don't wurry, I'm fine now.

Furst clue I dint feel so hot wuz this mornin at Really Early Dark O'clock. Tux came an got Mommy to go outside. That's nuthin outta the ord ee naree. But 'cept this time, I went out too. That wuz out of the ord ee naree.
Mommy watched me. She could tell I wuz poopin or at least tryin to.
I came back in an we went back to bed. She tol me not to throw up in the bed. An since I am always a gud grrl an 'beed ee ant an junk, I dint. Throw up.
But at brekkie time o'clock, I dint eat my brekkie. Now this has happened afore. No big deal.
In bout a minute or hour or sumfin, I went out to the food dispensin area. Mommy's not too brite but she wunnered if I wanted to eat my brekkie. I tol' her yes, I did. So I ate all my brekkie. Yum!

So I guess I wuz bugged but now I am debugged. All is gud!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

My lil corner o' the wurld

I ain't been barkin here fur a spell. Not much goin on an Mommy's been messin with yarn an junk.

But let me tell yu, big time news fur the town I live near.
I been tellin yu the spuds are a big deal round here. We gots a museum bout it all. They have "free taters fur out-o'-staters!"

Spud museum clicky link

An yes, that's a great big spud sittin out in front.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I got one too!

A couple of doggy blogger pals are showin piccies of their Chewy.com boxes.

The brown truck jus brot me my very own box! My very own, furst order frum Chewy. I tol' Mommy to order frum there cuz yu pals luv the stuff yu get.

See me grinnin bout my box? Mommy! Open it now!

Let's see whut's inside!
Ohhh! Sum new doggie fud to try an sum tasty cookies!
Let's try sum Now!

Mmmmm! We jus tried a Grammy's Pot Pie cookie. We gobbled. Not a good piccie! Tux thinks he's gonna get anuther already.

Yu see, an don't tell nobuddy, but I lick my paws, so duz Tux. An even tho the med ee sin helped my coff to stop, the vet thot it mite help me stop lickin my lil grrl private area.
That part din't wurk.

So Mommy wants to try goin grain-free fur us. We eat purdy good fud an treats. But goin grain-free is the nex step to see if we'll stop the lickin. Yu know, sumtimes we lick on account o' becus of Al R. Gees (not yu Z).
But 'cept she jus found out this fud ain't toadally grain-free. It's got sum oatmeals in it.

Oh well, no wheat, corn or soy.

I am willin to give it a try!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day to our SamCat

Our very own meezer, Sam, has been with us fur 4 years!

Here he is on his furst day here.

We 'dopted him frum our favoritest shelter ofur in the Why O Ming place. The lady sed he had been in a house fire an later his purrson had died. So's that's why he went into the shelter place. He wuz sad there. No wunner, huh?
He has funny lil paw pads. No claws at all on any of his feeties. Sum of the pads are kinda gone too. He musta gotted burned, huh?

But he sure fits in here. He is Tux's best buddy.

Doin the yin, yang thing
The uther day, Tux wuz sittin nex to Mommy with his hed on the arm o' the chair, lookin adorinly at her. Sam wuz sittin in Mommy's lap with his hed on the arm o' the chair, lookin adorinly at Tux.

An SamCat an Mommy have this thing they do evfurry mornin. Sam will come into the kitchin while Mommy is messin round. He meows at her to be picked up. Then she sings silly lil songs to him an kinda dances round. The songs have different tunes that yu mite reck o niz but all the wurds are "Sam". Try the Carol o' the Bells usin Sam or Sammy fur evfurry note. Or Oklahoma with only the wurd Sam.
Yeah, it's weird here.

But Sam is a good cat. He has always had kinda a tootie problem. He duz like to eat, maybe too much. An then he toots. Makes fur good tushie sniffin.

Happy Gotcha Day Sam! We're glad yur hear!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Spuds on the move!

Woo hoo! Come on ofur to my place evfurry fur! Big ol' trucks an spud diggin machines are rite ofur there!
Good barkin!
Here's sum o' the stuff we can bark at. An if yu don't get here today, there's anuther field rite next to my place they'll be wurkin on.

This is whut I can see out my OP Zoe winnow.

The red part is diggin the spuds, givin 'em a ride an then dumpin 'em into that white farm truck deal.
There's a tractor there too but 'cept yu can't see it on account o' because the farm truck is blockin it.
Gotta edit sumfin. There is anuther big tractor deal that has dug up the spuds. This red deal picks them up. I din't get a piccie of that furst machine.

There's a mess o' these farm trucks waitin their turn to get the spuds dumped in 'em.
See 'em ofur there? All lined up, waitin their turns.

When they are loaded, the trucks pull out. Coff, coff. It's real dusty! They auto-mat-ik-lee use the blue cover to protect the spuds on their ride to where efur they take them.

An there they go! That's my mailbox out there, don't hit it please.
So if anybuddy wants to come ofur to bark at all the stuff, we have to stay in or else fur sure stay in my fenced backyard. Don't want nun of yu to get smushed by all the quipment.

Hey, there will be lots o spuds left in the fields. Raise yur paws if yu want my daddy to dig yu sum. We will send 'em to yu. Nice an fresh! Will bout a hunnerd pounds be ok?

Monday, September 22, 2014

I'm in the pred nee zone

I'm in the pred nee zone an bein Over med ee cated!

Woo Hoo!

Fur my sor throat an coff, I'm takin sum pills. In lil cheez fold ofurs. It's yummy. No problemo takin my meds.
But Mommy founded out that Daddy has been givin me 2 of the pred nee zones the past 2 mornins an she's been givin me 1 pred nee zone in the affernoon.
That's too many.
"Give one tablet, twice a day." So I had 3 tablets fur the past 2 days.

Woo Hoo!

I don't know if I've got the munchies an all relaxed or I feel like I'm on a caffeen overdrive, zippin an zoomin.

Axfurly, I feel like me. I'm gettin better. I don't coff so much affer barkin.

No more over med ee cated me. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

I'd bark like a pie rat but I'm a lil horse

Arrr, ye furry mateys. Swab the poop deck an all that stuff. Sumbuddy has to clean up the mess.

Anywho, I ain't been feelin so perky the las' couple o' days. I been coffin an sumtimes white junk comes outta my mouf. I gotta bark at stuff an that really pushes the coff button.
So Daddy taked me to the dogtor today. I tried to tell the dogtor that Mommy's been squeesin my lil neck but nobuddy beleefed me.
I think I need to get my tawn sils out or sumfin. Not my barker tho! Nobuddy messes with my barker!
I got me sum med ee sins to take. I get the pills in lil cheese (woo hoo Fizzy!) fold ofur thingys. Yummy!
So I'm gonna go lay down now an let the med ee sins start wurkin. I had me a lil fee fur too.

Hopefully, I'll get back to normal barkin real soon.

Friday, September 12, 2014

One o' those Flashback Friday deals

Flashback! Yeah, like those deals on the T an V that yur folks don't get? Takes 'em furever to figgur out whut is goin on.
Well, here is cute lil me when I wuz jus a puppy. Really, I know it's confuzzin cuz now I am all silvery colored an back then I had me sum black hairs. It's really me.

Here I am sittin in Daddy's lap. Yep, even way back then, I wuz Daddy's grrl.

I hadn't decided to have my stick-up ears yet when I wuz such a puppy.

Lookit the size o' that PuffyCat! An he wuz so rood, takin a bath durin my photo shoot.

This is my dee plo ma to prove I wented to the doggie bedience skool. An I passed.

I hope yu liked my lil trip down membrey lane.
Have a furtastic Friday at yur place!