Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Belated Merry Christmas! An' a Super Duper New Year to yu all!

I din't get to send out no cards to any o' my pals! But thank yu to yu who sended Me a card. Yu no who yu are!

So I'm gonna recycle a couple o' real old piccies to send my best wishes to yu all fur a furry gud New Year!

Yu jus' can't get gud help these days!

I nefur got to tell yu bout when Sissor an' her dog Xander camed to visit at Thanksgivin!

We sniffed him up, I let him no I wuz Boss Dog. Tux tried to make him think he wuz at the bottom uf the dog pile an' then we kinda settled down.
I wuz like

Xander wuz like
Xander lives in a part o' the country where decoratin' with moose an' pinecones an' junk is the law.

An' Tux wuz like
Elliecat photobombin!

An' then Sissor an' Xander left fur their place on account o' because bad weather wuz comin an' Sissor had to get back to wurk.

Xander is a smart dog an' learnt real quick where our cookie dispensin' area is. An' he can play the drum on our dryer - with his tail - while waitin fur sumone to open the back door fur us.

We are hopin Sissor an' Xander can come back on vacation an' see the sites round here. It wuz gud to have them visit.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Company's comin'!

So this is the real deal Thanksgivin' Day. But it's like a regular day. Cleaned the house, changed the sheets on My big king-sized bed, took a wawk. Regular. No big deal.

But Company's comin!
 My human fur-less, 2 legged Sissor(the one that only has pocket lint for me)  is comin an we will have our Thanksgivin' stuff-yurself-silly meal tomorrow.
An' I have to be on my bestest behavior. She has 'dopted a dog.
This guy:

She named him Xander an' looky how big he is! I bet I can ride him! Giddy up Xander!

He an this lil dood wuz doggie buddies an were on the run together. They got thrown in the slammer. Then sum nice foster mom peepoles helped them find new furever homes. The lil guy has since been 'dopted too. Daddy an Mommy think they look like sum ol' cartoon back in the '60's. There wuz a big dog, kinda slow (not sayin Xander is like that) an a lil peppy dog. Or sumfin. My pawrents can't quit member xactly. They have ol' brains.

Anywho, I am gonna teach Xander that I am the boss round here. The toys are Mine. The big bed is mine, well, all the beds are mine if I feel like sleepin on 'em. An' I get to teach him to Bark! Sissor wants him quiet so he don't bother the neighbors while she's at wurk.
How rong is a quiet dog?

Sisser an' Xander shud be here about dark o'clock tonite.
I'll let yu no how things go. Affer I teach him stuff an' we munch down on our turdkey an goodies.

Cheer up Xander! Life is gud!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Before and Affer

Me. Before. Cute, fuzzy but sumfins goin on.

Me. Affer. Cute, no longer fuzzy.

Yep, groomer/torture day with the mobile dood. Argh.


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Autumn bumpy road trip

This here post is gonna be piccie heavy. Us pups an' kitty cats don't really give a hoot 'bout the trees turnin colors but the peepoles seem to get a kick outta seein the leafs.
So, we took a road trip up into the mountains yesserday. Gud thing we wented yesserday on account o' becuz, today is rainy an not nice to be out in.
We drove rite past the VET place. But we kept on a-goin. So that wuz gud! We took a windy road along a river. Lots o' trees an purdiness fur the peepoles. Me an Tux wuz all nurvus like. Finally we got to stop fur a potty break.
We got to wawk up this steep road a ways. It wuz too hard to get us an the colorful leafs in the piccies. So Mommy gave up that idea. Most uv the rest will be the leafs an mountains an stuff.
Affer we got to take a potty break an have a drink, we kinda settled down an wuz gud car riders.
Color Red OH! is famus fur it's aspirin aspen trees. An mountains!
We drove along an got to take anuther potty an drink break.

Mommy took a potty break too an had to get all arsty-fartsy wif her camera affer she wuz dun.
Then we drove along the bumpy road. Sum places wuz Real bumpy wif rocks an' holes.

Now, they tell me usually the aspirin aspen trees turn golden yellow. Like this.

But sumtimes yu can see sum that turned orange-reddish. See?

We drove past these Big mountains!
We kept on a-goin an finally got back to the hi-way. Me an Tux wuz snoozin in the back the rest o' the way home.
I hope yu enjoyed sharin the bumpy road trip with me.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The barkin' is ofur

Fur the day anyways. So affer the wurker doods packed up their stuff an took off, we got to go see whut they had been doin.

I'm standin on it 

Huh. A big ol' slab o' concrete.
Don't no if it's a Four Corners Monument nock-off or a 4-square game area.

All's I no, it wuz mush quieter 'round My place today. But in a week or so, I hear that more wurker doods will be back to wurk on the slab thingy.
Maybe we can hang out in My back yard to do our barkin. We'll be able to see 'em better.

Monday, September 26, 2016

It is a Great day at My place!

If yu are a dog who likes to bark, come on ofur to My place, Stat!

Lemme show yu whut we can bark at, frum the comfort uv OPZoe (that's military tawk fur Observation Point Zoe).

This here is OPZoe
This deal is wurkin out in My driveway rite now.

See that yella thingy out there? An' the wurker dood is ridin inside that cage! Bol!

He's movin the rawk, movin the rawk. Frum that big pile to sumplace I can't see frum OPZoe.

Efun the cows is curious 'bout the goin's on.
So hurry on ofur to My place an we can all bark at the wurker dood!

Huh. I say it's a Great day! Mommy sez it's gonna be a Long day. That's why she has those thingys stuffed in her ears.
If yu can't make it ofur today, I'll let yu no whut's goin on out there, when I get to go out fur a potty break. :-)