Friday, September 19, 2014

I'd bark like a pie rat but I'm a lil horse

Arrr, ye furry mateys. Swab the poop deck an all that stuff. Sumbuddy has to clean up the mess.

Anywho, I ain't been feelin so perky the las' couple o' days. I been coffin an sumtimes white junk comes outta my mouf. I gotta bark at stuff an that really pushes the coff button.
So Daddy taked me to the dogtor today. I tried to tell the dogtor that Mommy's been squeesin my lil neck but nobuddy beleefed me.
I think I need to get my tawn sils out or sumfin. Not my barker tho! Nobuddy messes with my barker!
I got me sum med ee sins to take. I get the pills in lil cheese (woo hoo Fizzy!) fold ofur thingys. Yummy!
So I'm gonna go lay down now an let the med ee sins start wurkin. I had me a lil fee fur too.

Hopefully, I'll get back to normal barkin real soon.

Friday, September 12, 2014

One o' those Flashback Friday deals

Flashback! Yeah, like those deals on the T an V that yur folks don't get? Takes 'em furever to figgur out whut is goin on.
Well, here is cute lil me when I wuz jus a puppy. Really, I know it's confuzzin cuz now I am all silvery colored an back then I had me sum black hairs. It's really me.

Here I am sittin in Daddy's lap. Yep, even way back then, I wuz Daddy's grrl.

I hadn't decided to have my stick-up ears yet when I wuz such a puppy.

Lookit the size o' that PuffyCat! An he wuz so rood, takin a bath durin my photo shoot.

This is my dee plo ma to prove I wented to the doggie bedience skool. An I passed.

I hope yu liked my lil trip down membrey lane.
Have a furtastic Friday at yur place!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I'm so fuzzy!

I got nom-ee-nated (thanks Mr. Jack Freckles) to be a part of Molly's  Share It Sunday
Thanks furs for bein part o' the fun here on this Bloggy thingy! An since my typist ain't too swift, I'm gonna post this now stead of waitin fur a few days. So yule be seein this again Sunday ofur at Molly's place. Nefur can get enuf of a good thing! Bol!

I'm so fuzzy,
Oh, so fuzzy,
I feel fuzzy an hairy an cute!
An I pity
Any pup who isn't me to boot.?

Ok, so it had to rhyme. Yeah, an I just made that up, off the top of my fuzzy lil head.

I am workin this fuzzy deal, lemme tell ya.  I ain't been groomed since way long time ago when Me an Tux stayed ofur night at the Pet Lodge place.
Mommy's been tellin me how fuzzy I am. Yeah, I'm jus that cute.
Gets me more cookies. All's I have to do is give that fuzzy lil urchin look an Bam! here comes a cookie. Well, most of the time.

I'm so fuzzy,
Oh, so fuzzy,
I feel fuzzy and hairy an cute...
Whut happened affer my lil song up there? Me an Tux got tossed in the S-Caw-Pay an rode an rode to the Pet Lodge. Tux to go to doggie day care, me to get groomed/tortured an hair shrinkied.
It wuz a turrible time. But I ain't fuzzy no more, no more. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Frosty Paws!

It's that time o' year at my place. Frosty Paws!

No, not this kind.
Or even this kind for yur own home made version.
Clicky fur home made Frosty Paw recipe

I'm barkin the kind o' Frosty Paws yu get when yur back yard looks like this:
That white stuff is frost

Here's anuther shot:
Makes the hose an sprinkler not wurk 'til the sun shines on 'em

But all that frostiness don't keep me frum my security wurk!

Hope yu have a barky kinda day no matter whut yur weather.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Whut I barked at today

I'm sure yu pups bark at stuff I nefur have barked at but I bet yu haven't efur barked at whut I barked at today.

This big combine (an bout 2 uthers) is wurkin rite cross the road frum my OPZoe winnow.

See how it has already cutted the wheat on the rite? The long green tube-thing on the rite is dumpin the wheat into a big farm truck that will then take the wheat sum place else.
Yeah, that's me on OPZoe, I been barkin so much today, I am kinda barked out. Don't wurry, when the big farm trucks pull outta the field, I bark at them.

An they are gettin ready to harvest those famous Idunno spuds in the fields near my place. More big farm equipment stuff to bark!

Good times!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sneaky an trickstey

I'm barkin bout whut Mommy pulled on Me an Tux yesserday. It wuz sneaky, trickstey, with sum down rite roodness tossed in.

Lemme tell yu bout it.

We wuz jus hangin round, nuthin special to bark.
Mommy got a fone call. It wuzn't Daddy cuz she dint say "I luv yu" at the end.
She went downstairs an started luggin up a couple o' crates. Yu know, the kinds o' crates that us pups get shoved in sumtimes. I knew sumfin wuz up, fishy, an it wuz gonna get stinky.

She putted those crates in Brother's room, but 'cept he don't sleep there no more. Shoot, he don't live here no more. Haven't seen him in a coon's age. Wunner where he is.

Ok, anyways, back to my story. Later, she got anuther fone call. It wuzn't Daddy either, same reason I knew it wuzn't Daddy afore.

Then she started takin stuff outta our frigerator. Then we went outside. When we came back in, she got a super large size cookie outta the food dispensin area. But we dint get the cookies rite there.
We followed her into Brother's room. She tossed a cookie in the big crate an shoved Tux in! She tossed the cookie in the smaller crate an like a lam to the slotter, I went in there fur the cookie. Did I tell yu she closed the doors when we went in? Well, she did.
She sat down at her laptop thingo fur a spell. We settled down to wait to see whut wuz gonna happen.
Then she stood up. Now, when she stands up, that's our q to commence a-barkin. So, even tho we wuz in those crates, we started up the bark alarm. Then I heard sumfin in our driveway. I put my stick-up ears to good use!
Roodness set in. She left an closed the bedroom door!

Don't wurry Pals. Even tho we wuz all locked up in those crates, in that bedroom, we still sent out the Red Alert! We barked, we howled, we tried to get outta those stinkin crates. We could hear Mommy out there in the kitchen but we could here men voices too! Stranger Danger! We could hear sum uther noises too.
We barked fur all we wuz wurth!

It got quiet in a lil bit. Mommy came an Released The Dogs! We tore outta that bedroom an did a real good check of the kitchen, livin room an dinin area. No more men. They wuz all gone.
We rushed outside a-barkin! No truck or vehicle. 

Don't know who wuz out there but I bet they wuz skeered of the noise comin outta that bedroom so's they took off real fast. 

Mommy tooked the crates back downstairs. No more sneakiness I hope!

Oh, she putted the stuff back in A frigerator, I think it's different. An this mornin, I helped her bring stuff frum the downstairs freezer deal. I wuz givin a package of lil shrimpies a good sniff! She putted that stuff in the new (I gess) frigerator/freezer dealio.