Friday, April 11, 2014

Good as new!

I am back on my game! Jus' step aside Tux, I am takin ofur security again.
First thing this mornin, I saw a big ol tractor jus right ofur there. Barked it up good. Then the farmer dood got outta the tractor an talked on his cell phone.

He was Out standin in his field!

BOLBOLBOLBOL! Do yu get it? I jus thought of that lil pun. Really.
I crack myself up.

Anywho, tractors, pick-em-up trucks, irrigation trailer thingys, the brown truck, a worker man truck that pulled into My driveway, mailman, jogger, kids on 4-wheelers. Yup. Barked 'em all up real good! From OP Zoe or outside in my yard.

I am good as new. Mommy is hollerin at me 'most alla time to be quiet!
But that's not gonna happen.
Zoe is On The Job!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I Am Back - Hold on *

Ok, so this deal with my bobbim blowin out is gettin old. I am tired of feelin yucky. Gonna jus bark it off!
Tux isn't doin a good job with the security work. I've tried to teach him. He's doin the best he can. But without lil me. Well, it's jus not the same.
Plus, I heard Mommy an Daddy talkin that if I weren't doin much better, they was gonna call the V E T 'bout me. Yikes! Don't wanna go back there so soon!

This was me yesserday:

Jus' not feelin the best
I jus' haven't been too perky. They have even been makin me sleep in a doggie crate, so's I din't mess up the bed covers.

I Am Back!
Here's me now:
On duty on OP Zoe!
I haven't been up on OP Zoe since Sunday when I had the blow out.

Hope I din't disapoint any of yu when I was off duty. I am kinda famous fur my security wurk.
I'm back, maybe not quite hunnerd per sent but I'll get there.

* Since barkin this entry, I got pooped out again. I'm offa OP Zoe an back on the blue pillows like in the first piccie. Or I might be on a doggie bed in the livin room.
Not quite there yet. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

I had a blow-out

I jus got back frum the V-E-T! Got me sum med-ee-sin to take.

Lemme tell yu bout this deal.

Mommy got up real early o'clock Sunnay mornin. I stayed in bed, like always. Got up fur breakfast. When Mommy went back to make the bed, she saw it.

Blood! My cute lil Schnauzie grrl blood!

She came back out to take a look at where the blood had come outta me.
It was my back end side. My left anal gland thingy had 'sploded! Poor lil me!
Mommy gotted a warm, moist rag and held it to my lil bobbim. That felt kinda good.
Now, we live in the toolies an takin me to the vet onna Sunnay woulda been a problem. Daddy was at his monthly NG drill an Tux can't really stay home alone without goin toadally nutzo.
So Mommy jus watched me like a hawk yesserday an I wented to the the vet this mornin. Daddy got home yesserday evenin. He tooked me to the vet.
I got me a fever. Dr. S cleaned out my anal glands an talked to Daddy bout them. Blah, blah, blah.
So I gotta take 2 pills a day fur a week or sumfin. Already had 1 pill inside sum cheese!
I did real good at the vet though. I din't growl or try to bite the vet. Yu'd think that woulda 'pressed him but he tol' Daddy I needa have my toofers cleaned sumtime affer the med-ee-sin is used up.
Grr to havin to go back!

Sorry, no piccies of my poor lil took-us an the blow-out part. Vet said it's startin to scab over so it's not as yucky lookin now. 

An we learned sumfin new 'bout Mini Schnauzers. We are kinda prone to gettin the di-a-beet-eez. If we start drinkin a lot o' water an then havin "accidents" our pawrents should let the vet person know 'bout it.
An small dogs are more likely to get the splodin anal gland deal.

Ok, TMI maybe.
I gotta take a nap now.

Oh an jus to let yu know I really din't feel too good, I haven't been doin my usual security work. Hardly any barkin comin outta this lil grrl.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wurdless Wenesday - My 3 Deers

Who am I tryin to fool? Wurdless Wenesday?
No way! Gotta bark!

I saw 'em first out my Back-'O-The-Loveseat-Lookout winnow (utherwise known as OP Zoe). Had 'em stopped in their tracks. Barked so much Mommy made Me and Tux go outside to finish the job.
She finally got her piccie takin box workin. Almost too late. Here's My 3 Deers

See 'em way down there? They's headin to the river bottom in all those trees there. The momma is leadin the way, her 2 fawns follow along. They are jus 'bout as big as their momma. I see these 3 almos' evfurry day.

Here's a kinda tricksty piccie. Can yu spot all 3 now? Hmm, this is the same place as my porky pine wented the uther day. There's a irrigation ditch thing there, alla the critters cross over the lil road.

Here's a guy I see most times in the wheat field 'cross the road. We mus' be in his turf. The uther day he came right into My front yard!

Can yu see Mr. Ring Neck Pheasant? A red-tailed hawk came flyin over and the pheasant took cover in the shadows uner the lilac.

When he felt it was safe, he came out an Mommy got a nice piccie of him. Hansum guy, huh?

So much fur my Wurdless Wenesday! Bol!

Monday, March 31, 2014


There wuz no time to hide or go invisible. Early o'clock, Mommy grabbed me and tossed me in the S-caw-pay. I knew it wuz gonna be sumfin bad so I started to try to dig my way out.
Din't work.
Went to sum new place. Well, new to us anyways. Got tossed in a kennel. Commenced gettin groomed/tortured/hairshrinkyed. Too turrible to think 'bout.

Finally Mommy came an got me. I got all sited when we pulled in the garage. Grabbed me a quick snack of kitty cat fud then went in the yard. An by "went in the yard", yu know whut I mean, right?

Here's cute, fuzzy me afore bein g/t/h
Looks like I know sumfin is up. Or else I did sumfin naughty.

An here's me after bein g/t/h.
Hey! This is My doggy bloggy Tux!
How'd he get in here? Camera hog.

Here I am, really.
I got a stinkin dambana. With chickies and bunnies on it.

They shaved my top o' nose hairs. They don't sposed to do that. Makes my nose look real big. An aside my eyes, the hairs are crooked. Mommy has to do sum touch up.

Here's a mug shot. Still got sum of my eyelashes.  *Flutter*

I can sure turn on the pathetic look, huh?
At least I'm good fur 6 weeks or years or sumfin. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Snow = slow

Snow. Heavy, wet stuff.
Made our internet thingy go off. I guess. When Daddy called the internet thingy tek-ni-shun, that's what he thought. Or the snow made a tree branch get inna way of our internet invisible waves. I dunno.
Then the internet thingy came back on but it ain't fast. It's real slow.
So no piccies of our snow. Jus a quick lil short entry to this doggy bloggy thingy to let yu no I'm still here.

Oh, an Mommy found anuther groomer/torturer/hair shrinker. I go tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

More yarn involved

Oh Nos!
Ok, first off, it wuz Mommy's hunnerdth an elventh birthday the uther day.
Sissor sent her sock yarn. Brother sent her a e-gift card to Joann's crafty place.
Where she buys yarn.

This mornin, she was messin 'round on the webbie thingy. Lookin fur how to crochet socks.
Went to sum lady's site. There was a contest goin on to win a free class at this place:
Craftsy online classes

Wuldn't yu know it? Mommy Won the contest. It's a crochetin class on how to do sumfin called Fair Isle.

I see more yarn in the future 'round here. More starin at the laptop, listenin to the lady teach Mommy how to tangle up yarn.
No doggie cookies gettin baked.
No playin with cute lil Me.

This is not gud.